Phoenix Panhellenic Association
Established 1920

Linda Allen, ΑΔΠ

​Lyn Ambrose, ΔΔΔ

in memory of Marjorie McKelvey Leary

​Kelly Balthazor, ΓΦΒ

Tamara Allen Dodrill, ΑΔΠ

Sandra Gocke, ΑΦ

​Sara Graf, ΑΦ

​Becky Hall, ΣΚ

​Nancy Foster Harris, ΚΚΓ

​Rebecca Lee, ΑΞΔ

​Cynthia McCrory, ΑΣT

​Kim OBrien, ΠΒΦ

​Amber Soergel, ΣΚ

​Staci Stern, ΚΑΘ

​Linda Trimpe Wisniowski, ΓΦΒ

Christy Robertson Yoder, ΦΜ

​ΑΓΔ Valley of the Sun Alumnae Chapter

​ΑΔΠ Phoenix Alumnae Association

​ΑΦ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

​ΑΧΩ Omicron Phi Omicron Virtual Alumnae Chapter

​ΑΧΩ Zeta Pi Chapter ASU

ΓΦΒ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

​ΔΓ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

​ΔΖ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

​ΚΑΘ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

​ΠΒΦ Phoenix Alumnae Club

​ΣΚ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

​ΧΩ Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

Salt River Alumnae Panhellenic Association

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FOUNDERS Centennial society

The Founders Centennial Society recognizes special friends of Phoenix Panhellenic Association who made inaugural donations to the Phoenix Panhellenic Centennial Scholarship Fund, an endowment with NPC Foundation.

Leave your philanthropic legacy in perpetuity

for Arizona sorority women to achieve

their dream of education.

Centennial Scholarship Endowment


 The Phoenix Panhellenic Association has established a scholarship endowment (2015) with the NPC Foundation to assist Arizona sorority women in order to fulfill their dream of undergraduate and graduate level education.

​Endowment funds are made possible from Phoenix Panhellenic Philanthropic Projects and individual contributions.  Gifts received by the NPC Foundation for the Phoenix Panhellenic Centennial Scholarship Endowment are tax deductible to the extent the law provides.

The goal for Phoenix Panhellenic Association is to raise a minimum of $50,000 by 2020. The inaugural scholarship award will be presented to a worthy sorority woman at the 2020 Phoenix Panhellenic Centennial Celebration of Sisterhood.  It is the hope, that this fund will continue to grow in perpetuity to allow for additional annual scholarship awards.

Please consider leaving your philanthropic legacy to support critical scholarship funding designated for sorority women.


Click on the link below to make a donation to the endowment by credit card.

To make a donation by check, please download the Donation form and mail your check directly to the NPC Foundation